Small island, wealth of knowledge, rich with history.

Stand on the rocks beside the waters edge and feel the jagged, sharp edges trying to push through your shoes while the gusts from the chilly wind attempts to blow you in all directions.


You may feel an overwhelming rush of emotions as you allow your mind to comprehend the unimaginable events that have taken place off these breathtaking shores that lay before you.

The treacherous coastline of King Island holds many stories of the tragedy of shipwrecks and the lives that battled against horrific conditions for survival.     

If your curiosity craves to know more about the events that took place on this small island in Bass Strait, then a visit to the King Island Museum will allow you to delve deeper and sail away on a sea of knowledge.   


The museum building is a former lighthouse keeper's dwelling, now with a vast collection of photographs, objects, relics and information which give an  insight into the rich history of the island.  Early settlers, maritime & natural history,  mining, agriculture, telecommunications and most importantly the volunteers that continue to keep the doors open, all play a part in making this a memorable experience for all to appreciate.

Opening Hours: 2 pm - 4 pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

(Closes for a Winter recess, June to August)

Admission: $8.00

Address: Lighthouse Street, Currie, TAS, 7256 


Phone: (03) 6462 1512