Reekara Community Complex

Welcome to the TOP end of King Island….
In 1963, Principal Laurie O’Keefe along with 2 teachers welcomed 69 students into the wonderful world of education.
Located at Reekara, at the northern end of King Island, the Primary School became known as The Top School in Tasmania, mostly because of its geographical location and catered for the children of local Soldier Settlers.
34 years later, at the end of 1997, with an enrolment of 8 students, the school
was forced to close. 
In 1998, with the support of the community, the Lions Club stepped in with an  initiative designed to preserve the former Reekara Primary School by utilising it as a Community Complex. 
Hard working volunteers continue to fundraise and maintain the property which  remains open for functions, events and as of 2019…shopping for creative items at the Top Shop.
With spacious grounds and offering unique multipurpose function rooms, the Complex can be hired for a variety of events, limited only by the imagination.  
Visitors are always welcome.
For more information visit the:  Reekara Community Complex facebook page.