Whale Tail House & Art Tour

)No matter what your interests may be, there is sure to be something to delight you on this isolated island, we call home.
Local artist Dianne Blake shares with us a little of her King Island:
As an artist living on King Island I draw my inspiration from the environment that has many guises and moods. From the quirky melaleuca trees to the vast and varied geological forms. The endemic and migratory birds, the wild oceans, the rolling hills, the changing light, the seasonal colours to  the deeply embedded energies, they all stimulate my creativity.   
To walk these coastlines and fossick along the shoreline in a landscape devoid of crowds brings solace and a connection to place. I am a painter, a printmaker, a sculptor, who enjoys photography and surrounded by a creative community.
Our home was filmed by Australian Grand Designs - known as the “Whale Tail House” my husband Andrew is a sculptor, printmaker and painter and together we offer house and art tour.   
We lived and worked in North East Arnhem Land at Yirrkala at Buku Larrnggay
Mulka - arts centre for many years.
The tour offers an insight in to our lives, our art collection, the house build and green components.
For more details contact Dianne@blakeconsults.com
Be sure to put this on the 'must do' list when you're visiting King Island next.
Located at the northern end of the island at Yellow Rock the Whale Tail House and Art tours are by appointment only.
Currently tours are unavailable (updated Sept 2021)