Creativity and Bull...Kelp!

Welcome to our small but beautiful spot in the ocean. I'm Sandy Robinson...printmaker and owner/operator/crafter of King Island Kelp Craft.
Moved to King Island from South Australia, a qualified painter and decorator in the late 90's.  It was here on the island many years later, I was introduced to the world of printmaking.  With many creative individuals on our island that are so willing to share their talents along with regular visiting artist to the island, it is hard not to be inspired and find your creative passion.
Living in such an isolated and captivating location inspires the mind and soul. 
The hidden places or low key events that you go to, leaving energized and longing for more.  The popular spots you have to share with the crowds...those crowds which consist usually of no more than two or three individuals.

Weather that changes constantly day to day.  Wind that can put you on edge depending on which direction it's coming and horizontal rain that no umbrella can keep you dry from!

Who would want to live anywhere else?

With abundant wildlife, an island history filled with tragedy and triumphs, my creativity and imagination is wild and free, even out of control at times.  The rocky shores deliver more than enough inspiration and materials to recreate the images and notions that fill my is 'time' that I find myself constantly searching for.
 Drop by the 'Top Shop' at Reekara Community Complex and let's see if we can get you inspired, maybe even join in printing up a storm, there's a printing technique to suit anyone and everyone!