Reef Fish (Large)

Reef Fish (Large)

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Approximately 23 cm length x 13 cm height x 5.5 cm width.

Each item has slight differences in colour and appearance. 

Items will be randomly selected for each order.

Handmade from Bull Kelp.

During the drying process the kelp will shrink about a third of its size. As it dries it may curl, twist or bend in such ways which will affect the look of the final product. 

Each item has slight unique differences in its shape, size and colour.



You will find a hole located on the item.  It is through this hole that the filling is removed once the kelp has dried.  The item is filled with a granular mix to help hold the shape of the item as it goes through the drying process.

Keep item in a dry, warm place away from moisture. (Not suited to humid conditions) 

For cleaning purposes, use a slightly dampen cloth only.

Warning: The Bull Kelp dries to a harden state.  Depending on the item design and pattern some edges and points of the item are/can be sharp to the touch.  Please be aware when handling items.